The 14th Digital Marketing In A BLINK Seminar 2019

Date: August 8 - 9, 2019
Location: AIM Conference Center, Makati City, PH

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The 14th Digital Marketing In A BLINK Seminar 2019

The Digital Marketing in a BLINK Seminar is designed specifically for YOU: the marketing professional.

It is carefully crafted for someone just like YOU.

By attending BLINK, you will:

1. Keep up with important trends that matters and know exactly how to successfully implement the latest techniques.
2. Get the desired ROI every time you launch a campaign, create an ad, or start working on a new platform.
3. Establish relationships with people who are like you – always available, go to group of peers who ask similar concerns, or present new ideas.
4. Develop confidence with every strategy and tactic you present to your boss, colleagues, or clients.
5. Connect and network with people who speak your language and understand your challenges.

In the today’s culture of immediacy, customers expect engagement at their exact moment of need. This level of engagement is viewed as standard across the entire customer journey, prompting marketers to think well beyond their traditional domain – Salesforce Research.

BLINK Seminar provides you with thought leadership, industry best practices, tips, tactics and techniques to guide you in your strategy and in your digital marketing program.

Key Seminar Topics

Day 1, Thursday, August 08, 2019

1. Beyond Millennials: Connecting with Generation Z

Marketers spend their budgets in decoding and understanding the millennials, whose preferences disrupted the entire industries, and therefore, holds enormous economic clout. But as millennials grew-up, marketers are wisely setting their sights on engaging the up-and-coming Generation Z (born 1996 and above) who are influencing family and discretionary spending.

It is critical to begin understanding the Gen Z and nurturing long-term relationships with them. According to Commscope, Gen Z is the first generation of true digital natives. Gen Z-ers spend 74% of their time (outside of school or work) – online. They are constantly bombarded by marketing content and ads, and those messages are beginning to become white noise to them.

2. How to Plan Your Content Marketing Campaign?

Marketers want great content marketing. But very few of them know how to do it well.

Learn the big four content marketing objectives: Reach, Engagement, Conversion, and Retention. Set specific, measurable goals for your content marketing campaign using your chosen marketing objectives as a guide. Identify your target audience and select the best channels for connecting with them. Determine what content types your audience wants and how to find relevant topics they will love Then, create an editorial calendar for producing content assets that map back to your stated campaign goals.

3. Social Customer Care: Why Marketers Should Care

Learn how small and medium-sized businesses can offer reactive and proactive customer care. Discover how convenience and humor can endear customers to create positive customer experiences.

4. The Building Blocks of CRM: Information and Insight (by Gartner Research)

Consistent and accurate customer information and insight are the foundation of CRM. Strong customer information management strategies enable leaders to deliver on the business goals of their CRM strategy. What are these building blocks according to Gartner Research? Learn from this session.

5. How to Make Your Website a Lead Generation Machine?

Your website can be your most powerful marketing tool, delivering a steady stream of new business leads and filling your sales pipeline. But most companies don’t optimize their websites for lead generation – offering little more than passive online brochures. Learn to identify the small fixes that will transform your website into your most powerful marketing tool.

Learn how to: Make sure your website is customer-focused; drive targeted visitors to your website; convert anonymous visitors into named leads; nurture relationships with customers and prospects; and, measure the return on all online and offline marketing investments.

6. Automated Push Notifications Are the New Secret Weapon of E-Commerce

Nowadays, with the ever-changing online landscape, the channels you choose to reach your potential customers are more important than ever. You need to deliver timely content to engage user interests with your brand even when your customers are not on your site.

Automated push notification is an optimal channel allowing growing e-commerce brands to ‘push’ communications to target users. Know more about Web Push Notification and how it works.

7. How Effective Is Your Brand on Social Media?

Steadily growing platforms, such as: Facebook (2.18 billion active monthly users), Twitter (336 million), YouTube (1.9 billion), LinkedIn (294 million), Instagram (1 billion), Pinterest (200 million), and Snapchat (255 million) have ensured that brands use social media as channels for establishing and growing their online presence.

But is social media living up to its promise of helping marketers reach potential customers and delivering business results?

The social media users of today have gotten savvier. They know that brands are producing promotional content: 86% of the people are confident in their ability to identify content as con-tent marketing.

As a marketer, you’re sweating blood to create tons of social media content and investing in paid ad campaigns to help your content gain more visibility.

Here’s how you can measure the effectivity of your brand in social media.

Day 2, Friday, August 9, 2019

1. Determine Your Digital Marketing Maturity Stage and Level-Up

Marketers who want to keep up with customers in today’s fast-paced online world need to adapt to the multitude of buying journeys that digital creates. That’s easier said than done: Being adaptive requires connecting to, learning from, measuring, and changing based on the digital breadcrumbs that customers leave in their wake during their journeys.

Know your company’s digital maturity level and level-up to the next stage.

2. Video is a Must: Boost Traffic and Drive Conversions

Are you ready to jump on board with video marketing?

Video marketing is certainly not new, but the market is changing, and video has emerged as a clear winner.

With platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Facebook Live, video is a big trend online that will continue to grow.

According to Cisco, 82% of internet traffic will be through video by 2021 but you do not have to wait till 2021, you can start taking advantage of the trend now.

Boosting FaceBook earnings, Mark Zuckerberg said, ‘I see video as a megatrend. That’s why I’m going to keep putting video first across our family of apps.’ One of the main drivers of the mobile internet video market is creating live, in-the-moment videos.

3. How can Brands Benefit by Using Virtual Reality (VR) to Engage Customers?

Once perceived as nerdy gamer technology, virtual reality (VR) is being embraced by brands across the globe.

Marketers are realizing the potential of VR to leave indelible impressions on consumers, so you might want to check out how you can use the technology to engage your own customers.

4. Chatbots’ Positive Impact on Customer Experience and Conversions

Chatbots are an integral part of modern customer experience (CX). It has significant impact on revenue.

There are over 300,000 active chatbots on Facebook Messenger alone. But it’s not all about Facebook. WhatsApp, Viber, Twitter, or just regular website chatbots are growing in numbers by the minute.

This session discusses the impact that chatbots can have on your conversion rate optimization efforts as they said: ‘Time Is Money’.

5. How to Optimize Your Site for Voice Search: A Comprehensive Guide

Voice search is changing how users search for information – and, more important for marketers and businesses, how websites provide that information in order to be featured in voice search results.

Smartphones and home voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant are being used to search for business and product information, and you need to ensure your business website is optimized to keep up with this trend.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to optimize sites for voice search.

6. Creativity Comes to Life: 3 Creative Habits to Inspire You

Marketers are creative people. Henneke Duistermaat of Enchanting Marketing explains how to build the right habits to boost both creativity and productivity.

Content marketers struggle to be prolific and consistently creative throughout the year. Sustained creativity becomes possible when it’s nurtured into becoming a habit, at which point it can be consistent, and therefore, prolific.

Who Should Attend

CMOs, Brand Marketers, Category Managers, Social Media Marketers, Consultants, Solopreneurs, Network Marketers, Corporate Marketers, Advertising Managers, Digital Directors, Agencies, Publishers, Media, Telcos, Content Providers, Bloggers, E-Commerce Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Digital Marketing Service Providers, Suppliers, Government, Academe, those involved in digital marketing and advertising, and those who want to establish relationships and network with fellow marketers.

‘Reviews – What They Say About Previous BLINK Program’…

1. The speakers were very impressive, congratulations on successful BLINK program.
– Lia Andrea Ramos, Glamour Box, Inc.

2. Highly recommended! The topics curation and selection of speakers was excellent! Congratulations and looking forward to be in the BLINK Seminar next year!
– Tracy Aquino, Republiq Group of Companies

3. My first time to attend this. You have good topics & world-class speakers. I have learned a lot of insights. You should consider offering it International.
– Kevin Hartigan-Go, Philippine Airlines (PAL)

4. Very effective in gaining knowledge about different aspects of digital marketing.
– Beatrice Rei T. Villanueva, Ginebra San Miguel, Inc.

5. As my first BLINK Seminar, I am glad the talks featured information about digital that are easy to understand for beginners.
– Sarena Guiang, Widescope Advertising Agency

6. Have learned a lot as our company is quite new to this. This will surely not be the first time we’ll send representative for training.
– Gina C. Vizconde, Concepts In Action, Inc.

Registration Fee

PHP 14,599 + VAT: May 09 -31, 2019
PHP 15,599 + VAT: June 01- 30, 2019
PHP 16,599 + VAT: July 01- 07 August 2019
PHP 17,000 + VAT: Onsite, 08-09 August 2019

PHP 10,599 + VAT, inclusive of 1 day attendance, meals and kit
US$ 400 for Foreign Nationals, inclusive of 2 days attendance, meals and kit

Payment and Discount Scheme

– Package of 5 + 1 (send 5 delegates and get additional 1 for free)
– 5% Discount to Past Delegates of Fiera Programs
– 20% Discount to Academe/Students/Government

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