Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Forum 2019

Date: March 28, 2019
Location: AIM Conference Center, Makati City, PH

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Forum 2019

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Fiera de Manila, Inc.

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The world is digitally connected faster than ever. Technologies are disrupting the world in an exceptional speed, having great impact particularly in the transformation of business models, companies, and industries.

A new age has emerged: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) as an increasingly enticing proposition at this point.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are being leveraged by businesses in various sectors as a vital competitive advantage. Consumers believe that AI and ML have the potential to assist in major scientific and medical breakthroughs, democratize cost of services, elevate poor customer service practices, uncover anomaly patterns, and even free-up an overburdened workforce.

Tech optimists believe AI could create a world where human abilities are amplified as machines help mankind process, analyze, and evaluate the abundance of data that creates today’s digital world, allowing humans to spend more time engaged in high-level thinking, creativity, and decision-making.

How will AI change the future of work? Are businesses ready to take the next step?

Discover the world of AI and ML as it presents challenges and opportunities, what it can do to businesses to increase productivity and profitability, deliver high quality work output with precision, and changing human behaviour, attitudes, preferences, and overall lifestyle.

Forum Key Topics

1. Game-changing business: How Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is pushing man and machine closer together?

What and how AI and ML concept works? What is its dynamics? What’s the significant impact of AI and ML on businesses, and how it improves customer experience and over-all efficiency of business operations?

On myths and realities: How AI and ML will change the future of business? Will the robots steal our jobs? Get an understanding on how AI and ML will provide big business opportunities, augment human decisions, up skill work forces, embed a culture of creativity and lifelong learnings in your organization. As AI/ML is moving fast, know the trends that could benefit business in the very near future.

What’s the current uptake of AI and ML adoption in businesses, industries, and countries?

2. The Impact of AI and ML in Financial Sector

Artificial Intelligence in finance is all about continuous learning and re-learning of patterns, data, and developments in the financial industry.

This gives us an overview on how AI/ML can help manage and augment trading decisions, implement trading algorithms based on sentiment from social media and other public data sources, lowering compliance and regulatory costs in helping with robust credit applications.

AI/ML can analyse various data points in identifying fraudulent transactions that human analysts might miss, improves real-time approval accuracy, reducing false declines, helping financial organizations be more efficient and accurate in their processes.

3. Amplifying service: How AI and ML will transform businesses to deliver remarkable customer experience (CX)?

Every year, US$ 62 billion is lost through poor customer service — a loss that continues to increase with every passing year. AI/ML can help plug that leak by going above and beyond what humans are able to do. It could shift today’s ordinary standard to a personalized, digital concierge run by man but with the heavy lifting done by machine.

4. The Future of AI and ML in government services and traffic systems

Is government ready for AI? In the coming years, artificial intelligence will become increasingly pervasive, spurring massive innovation across public sector.

Get to know what AI/ML offers developments in our government services and traffic systems, major opportunities to overcome operational and budget challenges while better serving citizens and meeting demand.

5. Boosting and promoting tourism, hospitality, and airline through AI and ML

Could AI/ML really be a game-changer for tourism, hospitality, and airline industries?
Get insights on significant impact of AI/ML in improving both travel/hospitality experience and over-all efficiency of airline bookings.

6. E-Commerce and AI

The millenials poses a huge market for online retailers. How are online retailers utilizing AI and ML to increase sales and revenues? What are the current challenges and opportunities as experienced so far?

7. Panel Discussion on AI and ML Experience
(Panelists from BPO, Telecom, Education, and Advertising sectors)

Learn insights from leaders and bright minds in PH business who are doing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning inside their organizations to improve their process and increase market competitiveness.

Who Should Attend

Senior Level Manager, IT Executive, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Data Scientist/Analyst, Strategic Planner, Business Analyst, HR Director/Manager, Project Manager, Web Master/Developer, Innovation Champion, IT Programmer, Customer Experience (CX) Officer, Team Leader, E-Commerce Champion, and those who are involved in IT systems and RPA (Robotic Program Automation) in their organizations.

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PHP 10,999 + VAT, inclusive of meals and kit

US$250 inclusive of VAT for Foreign Nationals

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